Blog No1

head shot

Ok so I’ve decided to start writing a blog, during which I will talk about my inspiration, my design process, jewellery making tips as well as a bit about me.

This first instalment is just a bit of background about me and my business.


I started my business in 2013, I spent months with a business advisor creating a plIMG_0938.jpgan and a budget and managed to get a local authority small business grant. (Needless to say the business didn’t go to plan at all!) Originally I had planned to make a whole range of different products to try and cover as much of the handmade market as possible and when I started I was making and selling felt products along with my jewellery. However in the last year I’ve found it too much to do the both and decided to concentrate solely on my jewellery work (Which was always the better seller). It was definitely the best decision and one I wish I’d made sooner. It has enabled me to widen my jewellery skills and ranges as well as keep up with all the other tasks that go along with running your own business.

Over the past 3 years I’ve learnt a whole set of new skills and improved some of the ones I already had. Until you start your own business you don’t realise how much work is involved and how many different skills you suddenly need to have. I can see how much I’ve improved just by looking at my product photography now compared to when I started. I’ve learnt a lot from reading how to blogs and watching youtube videos as well as from my own mistakes. So far every year my business has improved and I can only hope that it continues to grow.

Silver Bumble Bee Pendant 2016

I think all small business owners are always improving and learning, (I know I certainly am!). It’s one of the great things about running your own business, yes sometimes its hard and at the end of the day the buck stops with you but I love the freedom it brings and the pride I get when I see my work being mentioned by a company or when a customer contacts me to tell me how much they appreciated they’re items.

Next week I will be writing about my inspiration and how I go about designing a new piece.


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